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A A tribute to
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Welcome to and

Last updated: November 20, 2005 07:52 PM

Combining one of my "Commercial Sites" with my personal site. That is why you got here by typing in either of the domains above.

I did this for many reasons but the primary reason is that my love for photography is as much as it is for computers.

By sharing these family photos as well as commercial photos you can see my "Eye" for the art. I hope this helps with the decision whether or not to use my services for your next event or project.

Currently we are very involved in the "Classic Car" circle. Linda and I do registration for 2 Cruise-In's here in Central Florida. "Mustang Mike's" Saint Cloud Thursday Nite Cruise-In and "Duke" Davis' Wednesday Nite Cruise-In at Magnolia Square, featuring "Mustang Mike" we also, design, make and market "Name Badges and Story Boards" for the "Cruisers" and their cars as well as a member tracking data application.

I am the managing editor and publisher of "The Official Cruise-In News" as well as "Steve Butler's Cruise-In News Online" that also have reports from the "Friday Nite Cruise" and the "Saturday Nite Cruise" held weekly at Old Town Shopping and Amusements in Kissimmee, Florida and from the events of the "Florida Antique and Classic Automobile Cruisers Association" that Linda and I are founding directors of. We also established The Last Decade that holds many of the photos and stories for the events above.

I also webmaster and host several websites including The Corvair Institute, Vair Club, The "Dukes", the "Dukes of Harmony", Ford or Ranchero Drivers. Plus all listed above and a few more.

Just over a year and a half ago I Re-Kindled an old love affair with 2-Way Radio. Over 20 years ago I let my Amateur License Expire . Well I went and Retested and I have turned off My NEXTEL Direct connect and I can be found on 2 Meters as well as the 70CM bands in central Florida. I also hang out on the EchoLink servers K4SLB is the call. Linda has also become a ham operator, her call is K4EIO.

As you may have figured out by now, or not, my wife Linda and I are the proprietors of quite a group of service organizations that may be able to help you in your "digital", office, computer, photographic, graphic design, Web hosting or website design needs. 


We are both interested in Telecommuting for your company as well.

YUIOP Internet Services is the brand we use for Web hosting and website design.

Light House Plaza is the brand we use to promote our services as a virtual telecommuting staff for your organization.

PC Building is explained here, we both build custom specification personal computers as well as servers.

I know I have a lot of information in these sites, take the time to get to know us, we can make a difference.





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